How to Feel Confident on a Date: Tips for Men’s Natural Beaut

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Those days are gone when caring for the appearance was only a woman’s prerogative. Men also began to wonder how they can improve their appearance or keep youth. The stereotype that real men shouldn’t care about the condition of their skin has been virtually debunked in recent years. Today not only masculinity is in fashion but also healthy, smooth, and beautiful skin. In addition, men are needed special care for the skin of their faces, as many men’s professions suggest a long stay on the street – under the scorching sun or in the cold wind. Also, daily shaving of tender and vulnerable skin doesn’t reflect its condition in the best way. So, in order to feel confident on dates with Slavic women (or any others girls) and not to think about how you look, read these tips on how to maintain natural beauty.

Facial cleansing treatment

Skincare always begins with the purification of cells from particles of dust, dirt, dead cells, and fat. As a rule, cleansing face masks that are recommended for both men and women contain clay. This natural component absorbs excess sebum and eliminates dead cells. In addition, clay contains vitamins and trace elements, necessary for nutrition and regeneration of the dermis.

There are several types of clay, each of which has certain properties:

· White – has anti-inflammatory, bleaching, and regenerating properties, improves the color of skin, and makes contours more clear. It is suitable for oily and combination types of skin;

· Green – helps to restore the hydro-balance of the dermis and, therefore, its use is recommended for sensitive skin;

· Blue – heals small wounds, scratches, helps to get rid of pimples and acne, whitens freckles and pigment spots;

· Pink – exerts a tonic effect and is suitable for men with the normal type of skin;

· Gray – has moisturizing properties and, therefore, it is recommended for dry skin;

· Red – removes inflammation. It should be used by men with an irritable dermis;

· Black – possesses antioxidant properties. This clay should be used by people working in hazardous enterprises and living in ecologically polluted areas.

It is very easy to make a cleansing mask from clay. Get the necessary clay in the pharmacy and blend it with clean warm water so that it turns into a thick mass. However, for these purposes, you can also use mineral water, infusion of chamomile, yarrow, nettle, etc. Apply this slurry for 15-17 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.

Nourishing face masks

To saturate your face with useful substances (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids), you need to periodically make nutritional masks. We offer you several options for preparing such masks at home.

· Mask with oats. Blend 25g oat flakes in a blender, pour hot milk and cool. Add a few drops of essential oil of orange, grapefruit or lavender to the finished slurry, and apply for about twenty minutes. This remedy is especially useful for dry, weather-beaten, dehydrated dermis, often exposed to negative factors such as cold wind, sun rays, etc.

· Mask with potatoes. You want to enrich your dermis, while removing puffiness and bags under eyes? Then this mask is just for you. It also whitens your skin a bit. Peel potatoes, grate on a small non-metallic grater, squeeze it a little, and wrap it in gauze. Put such a compress on your face and wait about half an hour.

· Mask with bananas and yogurt. Periodically pamper your face with sweet and fragrant creamy-fruit mask. Blend a banana in a blender or simply mash with a fork. Add 5 ml of honey and the same amount of natural yogurt without sugar and dyes. Mix the mass and apply for from twelve to seventeen minutes.